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Join us during Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week on the East Side of the CA State Capitol, September 6th, 9 a.m. - 12 Noon. We are coming together to raise awareness about suicide within the military and among veterans. Suicide is a serious and tragic public health problem that can be prevented through mental health and substance use awareness, services, and support. Suicide affects all Americans, but data show that active duty service members and veterans die by suicide at much higher rates than the civilian population.

All of us have a responsibility to support and help our military personnel, their families, and veterans for protecting and serving our country. We must speak up about mental health, wellness, and suicide prevention. Our voices are amplified when we speak up together. By hosting Military and Veteran Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day, we bring attention to a stigmatized topic, strengthen community, and energize efforts to save the lives of those who have courageously served our country and protected us.

Isolation Kills and Community Heals

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This is a free event! Prepare for outdoor seating, bring folding chairs and picnic seating.

Please see our Facebook Event page for the most up to date details.