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Mental Health Association in California
1127 11th Street, Suite 925
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 557-1167
FAX: (916) 447-2350


Zima Creason is MHAC's Chief Executive Officer. In partnership with the MHAC Board and the Executive Director for Public Policy, Advocacy and Program Development, Zima is responsible for the success of MHAC. Together, they assure MHAC's relevance to the community, accomplishment of MHAC's mission and vision, and accountability to MHAC's diverse constituents. Zima is also responsible for the overall management of MHAC and day-to-day operations.

Rusty Selix is the Executive Director of Policy and Advocacy for MHAC. Rusty is a lobbyist, advocate and expert in mental health and state policy who serves as a visionary leader and who directs MHAC's advocacy work. Rusty is responsible for working with the MHAC Board to set the policy direction of the organization and collaborates with the CEO and Board to develop programs and activities to accomplish the MHAC mission.

Donna Hardaker is the Director of Wellness Works, MHAC's groundbreaking workplace mental health training program. Donna is an internationally recognized expert in the emerging field of workplace mental health. She leads the Wellness Works program to bring effective training solutions to employers across California to support the success of employees who are struggling with mental health issues, while building psychologically healthy and safe organizations.

Desiree Alarcon is MHAC's Executive Assistant and also serves as the Wellness Works Program Assistant. Desiree is responsible for assisting the CEO and Wellness Works Director with all organizational and program related activities.

Stacie Hiramoto is the Director of the Racial and Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition (REMHDCO). REMHDCO is a partner in the statewide California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) funded by the MHSA. REMHDCO is responsible under this project for the creation and facilitation of the California MHSA Multicultural Coalition (CMMC). REMHDCO's Steering Committee develops policy positions regarding mental health and disparities. Stacie is the general consultant on cultural competence, diversity and reducing disparities.

Michael Helmick is the Program Assistant for the Racial and Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition (REMHDCO). Michael is responsible for providing support and assistance in the administration of all components of the REMHDCO grant projects, including the California MHSA Multicultural Coalition (CMMC). He also provides assistance to the REMHDCO Steering Committee and subcommittees.

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