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Wellness Works!

Wellness Works! is a workplace mental health program aimed at reducing mental health stigma and discrimination and supporting mental wellness in the workplace. Wellness Works! is based on the award-winning and nationally-recognized Mental Health Works curriculum developed by the Canadian Mental Health Association, Wellness Works! is a program funded by counties through California’s Prop 63 (the Mental Health Services Act) designed exclusively for employers as the state’s leading go-to resource for education, training, and consulting needs on addressing mental health in the workplace.

Wellness Works! improves working lives by helping individuals in various roles in the workplace provide effective support to employees who are struggling with mental health issues. Wellness Works! addresses the organizational factors that affect overall workplace mental health with an emphasis on creating psychologically safe and healthy work environments benefiting all workers.

Wellness Works! offers:

  • Multiple workshops, ranging from 30-minute lunch and learns to a full day, aimed at various audiences including supervisors, managers, senior executives, small business owners, human resources professionals, occupational health, union leadership, law enforcement, and employees
  • Custom workshops and training products, with blended online learning courses under development
  • Customized talks, including keynote addresses, for annual general meetings, association events, conferences, etc.

Our trainers have received rigorous training from North America’s leading experts on workplace mental health issues, and are certified to deliver our workshops and presentations. Our presentations and training products use videos of real people who share their experiences living with mental illness to break down the stigma and misconceptions about mental illness in the workplace.


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