Executive Committee

Carol Hood, Chair, California Department of Mental Health (Retired)
Andrew Rubin, Treasurer, Attorney (Retired)
Faith Richie, Chair-Elect, SVP, Chief Development Officer, Telecare
Beverly Abbott, Secretary, Immediate Past Chair, Director Mental Health, County of San Mateo (Retired)
Esteban Nuñez, Public Policy Committee Chair, Director of Advocacy, Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Members at Large

Terezie Bohrer, Director, Prince George County (Maryland) Dept. of Family Services, Mental Health Authority Division (Retired)
Zima Creason, School Board Member, San Juan Unified School District
Angelica Garcia, Associate Director, Project Return Peer Support Network
Jim Gilmer, M.A., Co-Founder/President, Cyrus Urban Inter-Church Sustainability Network (CUISN)
Hannah Lou, Attorney, Omada Health
Dr. Marvin Southard, Director Mental Health, County of L.A. (Retired)

Affiliate Representatives

Annmarie Cameron, Executive Director, Mental Wellness Center (MHA in Santa Barbara County)
Kathryn Davies, Executive Director, Mental Health Association of Alameda County
Mark Salazar, Executive Director, Mental Health Association of San Francisco
Daphyne Watson, Executive Director, Mental Health America of San Diego

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